Tuesday, September 25, 2012

DIY Ghosts $1 STORE!

Halloween is so fun! I love decorating the house and putting things outside that are going to scare the trick or-treaters. I try and find new ways to make different decorations every year so that the neighborhood kids don't get bored, and one of my favorite spots to shop is the $1 Store! 

This project is super easy, and only $2 per ghosts! Even better- they light up at Night!! 

Step 1: Take Ghost Lantern out of Package, as well as the Bloody Cloth. 

Step 2: Take the middle portion stand of Lantern and fit it into the Ghost. 

Step 3: Flatten out the Bloody Cloth so that you are able to fit it over Ghost Lantern.

Step 4: Take the Bloody Cloth and put it over the Ghost Lantern; the hook will poke through the cloth. You can even double it up if you don't want it hanging as long.

Step 5: Hang outside

                                                                                  Step 6: Light up and Enjoy!! :D 

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