Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fun Fall Recipes-APPLES!

I love Fall!! It's my absolute favorite season! It's gets a bit colder outside.. you wear scarves & sweaters.. the leaves start to change..and the apple orchards open up! It's so fun to go pick bushels of apples to make delicious food with!
Problem is..I always have a ton of apples, and never know what to make with them! I've really only made a quick apple crisp.. and I've dipped my apples in caramel of course- but I honestly don't know how to make anything else... This Diva needs some help! Perhaps you other Undomesticated Divas' are just like me and need a little bit of recipe inspiration! So below are some of the best recipes I've found to make yummy stuff with when you go apple picking this Fall. My mouth is watering already!!!

Who doesn't love Apple Cider during the Fall time?? 

Caramel, Apples, Walnuts- Oh mi! This Crunchy Caramel Apple Pie will for sure make quite the tasty statement at your next get together.

Check it out at Familyfun.go.com

On a Diet? No biggie. These two recipes from Eating Well.com will help you curve your sweet tooth! 

Or this Apple Muffin from Smitten Kitten- Whole Wheat! 

Not craving an apple for Breakfast? How about if they were pancakes!

Pure Ooey-Gooey Deliciousness. 

Just like Grandma used to make!

Fall Favorite!!

These donuts seriously become my addiction during the Fall season.. it may be a problem now that I know how to make 'em .. :)

Chocolate Covered Apples?? How have I never done this before.. 

Not in the mood for Sweets? 
Try these meals!! 

Want some recipes for the Crock Pot? 

Need some ideas for the Kids? 

Why not try Candy instead of Caramel? 

If I was a teacher, I think I'd prefer this cupcake over an Apple! :)

This is too cute- This Mama is creative! Def. not Undomesticated.. 

Would be fun for Halloween! 

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