Friday, September 7, 2012

Fun ways to Decorate Pumpkins!

Every year my husband and I say "Lets' decorate pumpkins!" ..And every year we go to the pumpkin patch, enjoy the wonderful weather, eat corn and drink cider, but never get a pumpkin!
This year, I'm starting a new tradition.

I wanted to look for a some great ideas to decorate pumpkins, something really different. I've tried to carve them, but often get frustrated when I use those stencil kits, and inevitably end up screwing up all my hard work by either poking an entire pumpkin eye through, or crushing the side of a witch foot!

So in my hunt for some good ideas, I came across this great article through Midwest Living; I love love love the ideas they give you for decorating pumpkins- Super easy, and a few had me thinking "Why didn't I think of that??" With Pumpkin Patches starting to open soon, I wanted to be ahead of the game!
Hope this helps with your decorating, and gives you some great inspiration for your Fall Festivities!!

Midwest Living- Pumpkin Ideas


  1. the butterfly one has you written all over it. :) cute fall ideas!

  2. Thanks Jen!! I know, that was a favorite of mine and so clever!