Thursday, October 4, 2012

How to Carve by Color- Silhouette Pumpkins!!

I love Halloween and finding new, creative ways to carve pumpkins and make them look really cool! I came across these Martha Stewart Pumpkin Designs and I thought they were really fun and creepy! What I love most is how easy this is to do and she even gives you templates to print out and use on your pumpkins! Below is the step-by-step process to making an awesome silhouette pumpkin! What are some of your pumpkin carving ideas?


STEP 1: Use a knife or a keyhole saw to carve out pumpkin; carve out bottom so that light can be put inside, and stem is fully intact. Be sure to clean out all seeds and pulp. All sides should be smooth. 

STEP 2: Print out template, cut all white portions of template, and tape to your pumpkin. Use a T Pin or Needle and prick the outline of the outside of the entire template. 

STEP 3: Use a knife and cut out the portions of the "LIGHT YELLOW" section of the template. (If there are no light yellow sections- then do not cut into the pumpkin.)

STEP 4: Use a Linoleum cutter, and scrap all the "DARK YELLOW" portions of the template. This will allow the Silhouette effect to show on the pumpkin. Do not shave or cut into any of the "ORANGE" part of the template.

STEP 5: You can use either a candle, battery-operated candles, or even a jar wrapped with christmas lights to light up your pumpkin. 


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